Wildlife Photography - Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy regarding our Wildlife Photography

David & Robson of " DR Smith Foto"


My Son Robson and I are passionate Wild Life Photographers who respect our subjects above all else.

For your information about our approach and philosophy regarding Wild Life photography:

  1. We only take Wild Life photos in the animals' natural environment.
  2. We take all precautions to minimize disturbing Wildlife in their natural habitat.
  3. All photos are taken using existing and available lighting, no staging, aids or props are utilized ever.

Robson and I hope you enjoy our photos and will return often.

And, if you enjoy our work please share our site with others...


All the best,

David & Robson

Toronto, Canada


Tel.#  (647) 853-2283






Hey David
Nice to bump into you.
Am looking for bird, wildlife and foliage shots from Nordheimer Ravine / Roycroft Park for the new park site. Have any? Will credit you of course.
Do you know any local birders who would know about the birds in the ravine? Am trying to find people willing to share info


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