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In Toronto with 40 years of Photo Passion
Joined by Robson my Son...

Joining me in a shared passion of photography and discovery is Robson, an accomplished and award winning teenage photographer.

Growing up internationally I enjoyed travelling and living throughout the world and this has positively influenced how I see the world. Robson is too a big fan of local and international travel and discovery.

You will often find us together exploring and photographing; local urban areas, capturing notable architectural sights, dogs at play, exploring wildlife whilst enjoying the beauty nature has to offer, as well as visiting airports watching and photographing all things related to aviation, planes and flying.

Shared goals include Robson photographing every single commercial airline in the world  - over 200 or so! Including, visiting major airports to achieve this with a possible super time visiting Hong Kong's international Airport.

Another goal on our wish list is to photograph the 400 plus Bird species to be found in Ontario and are on our way to completing this project within the next 4 years. We have photographed some 125 Ontario Bird species to date and plan to publish our photographs in a trio of coffee table sized art book with our photos of these beautiful wild bird species. Our fingers are crossed! 

To all Dog owners, and fans of our site - Robson and I would love the opportunity to photograph your dogs at play - especially large breed Great Danes, and, my Robson's favourite - Labrador Retrievers "Labs"

Are you interested in photographic workshops and outings? We can help you to discover local areas, urban regions, parks and such through the eye of the lense. Feel free to contact us anytime to discuss and arrange your customized outing/workshop with us. Thanks!

Robson and I look forward to seeing what the next captured moment through our lenses will be! 

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Enjoy in good health :)


David & Robson

Imageneers & Photographers



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Robson focusing on you through Zoom LensRobson with the Great Dane Baltimore

David focusing on you through Canon ZoomDavid Smith - looking at you with smile, cap on

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